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An Introduction

Hello Tribe!

For those of you that don’t know us, we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves. Tony is an avid lifetime cyclist, former competitive bmx rider, former owner of a bikemessenger company in Columbus, Ohio and currently works part time in tv and film as an actor. Nicole is an artist and teacher who will soon be wrapping up her 2nd Master’s Degree, an MFA from UMass Dartmouth.

To celebrate her graduation and to make the most of the 3 1/2 month window we have before she starts her next job as a college professor, we have decided to bicycle 3,600 miles from Portland, Oregon to Annapolis, Maryland. This website will be the online hub for our travels.

With the help of some amazingly talented people that I know that work in television production, we will be filming our journey and the people that we meet along the way for a web series. This footage will be uploaded weekly to a server where it will be turned into YouTube series chronicling our adventures and the people we meet. We want it to be as much about the people we encounter and their stories as it is about us.

We are excited to begin this incredible adventure and equally excited to be able to share it with you. The video series will be running only a few days behind our live travels and we will also be journaling with written word and images as the trip progresses.

Thank you so much for coming with us on our trip! Be sure to ‘like’ the Facebook page and ‘subscribe’ to our YouTube channel and help us spread the word!